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ViPR Kids

This specialty course gives PTs the knowledge of how to create a dynamic, fun and safe environment that allows kids to move authentically with ViPR, and harness the rewards of Loaded Movement Training (LMT).

This course is ideally suited to trainers who have attended LMT-1 and are looking to incorporate their knowledge of LMT with kids aged 4-15 years. This training is also available to teachers looking to add functional training, problem solving, challenges, and team building into their lessons.


  • The adaptations and demands of LMT for kids and how to harness these safely and effectively
  • How to apply ViPR Kids coaching strategies to create an environment where kids can grow and flourish
  • The unique programming that underpins ViPR Kids coaching
  • To explore and evolve new ways of coaching participants all the way to adulthood

All workshops: Four hours

CIMSPA | Chartered Institute for the management of sport and physical activityNational Academy of Sports MedicineAmerican Council on Exercise
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