Global Team

ViPR is a truly global brand, with passionate educators and trainers bringing the Loaded Movement Training methodology to every continent across the globe.

Jake has been in the fitness industry for the past 11 years as a personal trainer and the past five years as an educator. His educational background is in sports management with certification through Personal Training Academy Global (PTA Global) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with specialization in performance enhancement and corrective exercise.

Jake is currently a faculty member for PTA Global, ViPR master trainer and founder of Movefree located at The Woodlands United Methodist Church in The Woodlands, TX.

Stephen Tongue is a full-time personal trainer at with 15 years of industry experience. His CV includes fitness instructing, group exercise, fitness management, fitness presenting and consultancy. With a sporting background in amateur boxing, Stephen is a big fan of movement training and delivers education on behalf of Power Plate, TRX and, of course, ViPR. A big fan of innovative exercise, Stephen says “the only limit to using ViPR is your imagination.” Stephen's favorite ViPR exercise is the Hamstring Tilt Stretch.

Aaron feels most alive when presenting and sharing his passion for health and performance coaching and, in particular, Loaded Movement Training. Aaron explains, “There is nothing quite like inspiring clients and fellow fitness professionals to try something new, something 3D, something that can make a deeper personal difference to someone’s life.” That passion has driven Aaron to devote his entire career to personal, small and large group health and performance training.

Aaron has been a member of the FitPro family since the inception of ViPR group programming as national coach for VGF and the MOSSA ViPR workout. Since then, Aaron has developed and designed the ViPR Kids concept, and has grown into a ViPR LMT-1 and 2 master trainer in his own right. Aaron is also kept at the forefront of FitPro development as TRIBE Team Training™ coaching director and national trainer manager for the FitPro trainer team.

Aaron's favorite ViPR phase is ‘Vitality’ … “We all need a little more vigor in our lives!”

It was no surprise when Danny's passion for sport as a child developed into a full-time career in the fitness industry. Currently based in the Middle East, Danny's role as a ViPR master trainer, senior master instructor for TRX, and national trainer for Les Mills has led to extensive travel around the globe, delivering educational and entertaining workshops, training courses and classes to hundreds of fitness professionals, educators and enthusiasts. Danny believes in the timeless statements ‘lead by example’ and ‘practice what you preach’, ensuring he makes his own health and fitness a top priority, no matter where he is in the world. This is not just for himself but also to help inspire others to be better and work towards their best.

Konstantinos Fligos – Exclusive Distributor and Authorized ViPR Master Trainer, owner of FSQUARE Functional Training Center (Glyfada, Athens Greece).

Konstantinos has over 18 years of experience in the fitness industry as certified EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer and strength/conditioning coach specializing in functional movement training and athlete sports performance. Since he obtained the UEFA B coaching license he expanded his expertise in designing training programs for professional football athletes. In 2014, as ViPR Master Trainer, introduced a breakthrough concept of functional training in Greece; ViPR an innovative training tool designed to bridge the gap between linear, traditional strength training and whole-body integrated training, by combining the best of both worlds.

Additionally to PT services FSQUARE offers holistic preparation training programs for professional Boxing/MMA and any combat sports, medical and injury rehabilitation programs combined with cryotherapy solutions for faster physical recovery and nutrition planning.

Kinga is the founder and owner of Movement Clinic, which provides education and products in the field of functional training for human movement professionals. She is a movement therapist with 22 years‘ experience, works with professional athletes and weekend warriors from prehab to rehab, and is an educator at the University of Physical Education.

Since retiring from track athletics after more than 22 years, she has gravitated towards fitness. Kinga graduated with an MSc in PE teaching and track and field coaching. She is also a master trainer of TRX, TriggerPoint and Procedos.

Kinga is passionate about teaching and training; if she has some free time she travels around the world to learn something new. Her goal is to give solutions with which people can train and move better without pain and injury.

After Yuichiro Araki graduated from Nippon Sport Science University, he became a professional rugby player. After his retirement from pro sports in 2006, he founded a company selling sports products. From 2008, Yuichiro began his career as a personal trainer in Kyoto, opening his own gym, g-zone fitness, in 2014. There, he provides personal training, kids' training, and services to various sports teams. In addition to being a ViPR™ master trainer, he is also an ActivMotion Bar national trainer in Japan.

Kazuhiro Ikakeyama created his own business after working in a fitness club for eight years, helping 20,000+ people, including top athletes and celebrities. He studied the ‘skillful touch’ method in the US in 2010, which is to approach fascia using the hands, and developed his original training program to improve clients' physical movements and bring out their best performance by integrating the whole body. In 2011, he accompanied a professional golfer as a trainer on the Japanese tour and other international tours, which resulted in a win.

Taichi Matsuda started strength training to be able to win karate matches at university. It made him increase his weight from 60kg to 85kg and started his interest in personal training. He has worked in a large fitness club chain as a PT and, in addition, he has worked as a freelance PT and studio instructor. In addition to being a ViPR™ master trainer, he is also a MOSSA national trainer in Japan.

Yukinori Sakata was an active rugby player in university, but a serious injury cut short his rugby career and turned into an interest in personal training. He began his career as a personal trainer in 2006, in addition to which he became a physical therapist in 2011. Now he works in dual roles, both in a hospital as a physical therapist, and elsewhere as a personal trainer. He believes, “Whether we are a physical therapist or PT, we should always see the client's body. The more we understand the principles of the structure of the body, the more we can help people find fulfillment through exercise.”

Norihiko Takahashi has worked as a personal trainer and manager for a large fitness club chain, taking care of a wide variety of clients, from kids to the elderly. After leaving the fitness club, he founded his own personal training gym in Nagoya that specializes in posture improvement, movement and pain relief. He regularly contributes articles to Japan's main fitness magazine, is NSCA certified, and also lectures in the department of sports and health science at Tokai Gakuen University.

Kohei Tano started his career in the Japanese fitness industry in 1993 as a fitness instructor, eventually becoming club manager. As a personal trainer, he trained a wide variety of people from kids to the elderly, including a 90-year-old man. In addition, he provided staff education at a fitness spa, in chiropractic treatment, and in schools. He also trained as a professional wrestler with Yoshihiro Takayama – a famous Japanese martial arts expert since 1999. In 2014, Kohei founded his own facility, Dandelion Gym, in Kanagawa.

After graduating from Tokyo YMCA College of Physical Education in Japan, Mikihiro Tominaga worked for a public fitness center in Tokyo as a fitness and swimming instructor, while continuing his career as a finswimming competitor. After that, he worked as a personal trainer to a famous Japanese professional baseball player. In addition, he also worked for one of the largest Japanese fitness clubs, Megalos Inc., establishing new clubs, developing new products, overseeing staff and managing budgets. He co-leads the ViPR™ master trainer team in Japan as a head master trainer along with Mr Makoto Iwakiri.

Jaap Bijsterbosch has been a health, wellness and fitness entrepreneur since 2007. He started in the industry in 1999 and worked his way up the ladder from group fitness instructor to club manager to owning his own PT studio. Always looking for ways to grow as a personal trainer and business owner, he came into contact with ViPR in 2013 and is now a ViPR master trainer and distributor in the Benelux and Germany, growing his business with multiple trainers, as well as ViPR PT and ViPR Group Fitness. His background in sport includes football on a semi-pro level and various other sports, such as snowboarding, trail running and different ball sports.

Since 2011, Jan has been a ViPR Australian pro trainer. His greatest influences for ViPR development have been Michol Dalcourt, Derek Vandenbrink and Matt Truscott. He is now a proud ambassador for the Institute of Motion (US). In 2014, he opened personal training boutique studio EvoPrime Fitness with his fiancée Chantel at Airlie Beach, North Queensland. Their focus is on movement, nutrition, recovery and mindset. Jan also trained with Dr Emily Splichal to become a barefoot training specialist, supported by VIVOBAREFOOT Australia and New Zealand, of which he's also a proud ambassador. Thanks to QPEC, Jan fulfil's his wildest dreams and represents QPEC in Australia.

With more than 29 years' experience, Dr Carla Sottovia has helped individuals achieve a path of personal wellness, improved fitness, and quality of life. Dr Sottovia is a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and received a doctorate in exercise physiology from Texas Woman’s University in 2002. She holds several advanced personal training certifications in functional movement training and assessments, Pilates, optimal flexibility, vibration training, post-injury/preventive exercise intervention, youth training and sports-specific coaching (running, swimming and triathlon). She is also a licensed wellness coach and adjunct instructor (The Cooper Institute). She is the owner/founder of MWOVE EDUCATION INC (USA and Brazil), which is dedicated to providing cutting-edge education and programs to fitness professionals, including functional movement systems, PTA Global and ViPR. Dr Sottovia has completed more than 50 triathlons, including three IRONMAN triathlons, and is the author of Energy Substrate: Truths and Misconceptions.

Kennedy has been dedicated to the fitness industry for almost 25 years. He's currently a PTS pro trainer, teaching the Personal Trainer Specialist Certification course for Canada's largest certification company canfitpro. In addition, he's a master trainer for COREFX, Trigger Point Performance Therapy, BOSU, ViPR and a graduate of Michol Dalcourt's Institute of Motion Level 1 and 2 mentorships. Kennedy co-founded and is director of live education for the Canadian Fitness Education Alliance (CFEA), a fitness educational company. Kennedy has taught more than 1,700 trainers and coaches, and he is continually educating himself with new, cutting-edge fitness programs, theories and techniques within the industry. He currently resides in Kitchener, ONT with his spouse, enjoying the quiet and peaceful small city life.

After graduating from Kokugakuin University, Makoto Iwakiri joined Japan Tobacco Inc., one of the top companies in Japan. While there, he managed the Sports Club Trim for five years as a new business venture of Japan Tobacco. From there, he moved to a large fitness company as club manager and general manager, leaving in 2012 to establish his own gym. In addition to running his own gym, he is also an active consultant, advising new gyms and studios on business and training. He co-leads the ViPR™ master trainer team in Japan as a head master trainer along with Mr Mikihiro Tominaga.

Seung-Ho Kim has been in fitness industry since 2000. He is the P.T and G.X part general director of SAEMAUL Fitness. SAEMAUL Fitness is a representative fitness club in Korea with 34 direct chains in Seoul(2017). He leads about 400 personal trainers and Group exercise instructors. In 2016, he won the Best Fitness Trainer Award in Korea. He heads up Korea's ViPR master trainer team. He has the highest number of Master trainers in Korea for ViPR, PTA Global, Trigger Point(L1, L2), Dynamax Medicineballs, IKFF Kettlebell, Power Plate(L1, L2), PaviGym, Da Vinci Bodyboard, JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, Fitness Cue, ActivMotion Bar, Care Ring, RAD(L1, L2). In particular, he produced more than 1,000 instructors of Trigger Point , which is a world record now. He is the chief of NNEDU FIT, a fitness education center in Seoul. NNEDU FIT has the highest number of trainers in Korea. He is also a member of the Korea Fitness Professionals Association(KPFA).

Hae-Yong Lee was a Taekwondo player in college and has various sporting backgrounds, including bodybuilding and snowboarding.

He is working as a personal trainer and a manger of SAEMAUL Fitness. SAEMAUL Fitness is a representative fitness club in Korea with 34 direct chains in Seoul(2017). He is ViPR Master trainer of NNEDU FIT, a fitness education center receiving the most attention in Korea.

Alexey graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University (MSPU). He is a wrestling coach, master of sports in judo and a 2nd Dan in aikido. He has been both a participant and the prize-winner of Russian and international martial arts tournaments. From 2006 to 2011 Alexey was a personal trainer in Russia's premium fitness chain World Class, focusing on martial arts, functional training, group X and outdoor programs. Since 2012, he has been a personal trainer in the famous Russian functional training studio Pro Trener. As well as a coach of martial arts (aikido, judo, Brazilian ju-jitsu, grappling), functional training and stretching, Alexey is a ViPR master trainer.

Tommy Yau Heng Ho is the head of fitness education at Fitness First Singapore, overseeing its fitness department at its 16 clubs. With 250 personal trainers under his wing, Tommy heads the recruitment, training and development of trainers and fitness managers. Tommy has more than 15 years of experience at Fitness First and contributes greatly to expanding the personal training business for the company in Singapore.

A diploma in sports and exercise science graduate from Blackburn University in the UK, he is also a certified personal trainer with ACE and FISAF and a Michael King UK Pilates Institute certified Pilates matwork instructor. Tommy is a master trainer and presenter for TRX STC, GSTC, Rip Trainer, BOSU, Wattbike, Dynamax, Sandbell, ViPR for Singapore and a PTA Global faculty master trainer. He is a competitive triathlete and has completed seven IRONMAN races in Malaysia, Australia, China and Canada. He lives by his motto: Change your body and it will change your life – you will live life to the fullest.

Pontus Wärnestål has been a group fitness instructor since 2001 and a ViPR master trainer since 2013. His sports background includes a range of martial arts, with instructor and competition merits in tae kwon do in 1999. He has also worked as a snowboard instructor and enjoys outdoor activities such as rock climbing, kayaking and hiking.

During his 15 years as an instructor and coach, Pontus has taught a wide range of different programs, presented at conventions and worked in the national instructor development team for one of the largest fitness club chains in Sweden. Pontus currently works as a university researcher and teacher, giving him a solid methodological and pedagogical base. Using his enthusiasm and experience, Pontus teaches fun, effective and meaningful movement training for health and happiness.

Koray has been in the Turkish fitness industry since 2003. Beginning his career as a Pilates trainer, Koray is currently a master trainer for ViPR, TriggerPoint, TRX and Kangoo Jumps. As the founder of 21Way Pilates Studios, Fun & More Training Studios and Futurex Sports Team, he also serves as a PT. He heads up Turkey's ViPR master trainer team.

Gordon has always had a key interest in health and fitness and has continued his drive to learn more and keep up to date with the latest courses, treatments and applications to provide the best service possible to his clientele. After suffering a number of injuries and turning down a golfing scholarship, Gordon understands what it's like to feel lost and frustrated during the rehabilitation phase. It is through this experience that Gordon helps people achieve their goals at a sensible and effective work rate, whether returning from an injury or starting out on a fitness transaction. Gordon combines his experience as a sports therapist and personal trainer to guide people into understanding their body and how to use it to its full capacity through movement. Gordon is currently a master trainer for Trigger Point Performance Therapy, educator for IAM tools and coach for VIVOBAREFOOT, alongside running a private movement performance therapy studio in Scotland.

Robert has been a fitness, sports and games fanatic since he could walk. Having been in the fitness industry since he was 17, Robert has been an open book, absorbing skills from everyone and believing in better knowledge and application to deliver fun, effective training to the world. This has led him to become a ViPR master trainer, which he achieved in 2012. Over the past 11 years working within the fitness industry, Robert has gained the knowledge that has enabled him to follow a huge passion of his, which is effective movement. Using these two components when teaching and training encourages people to 'play out' rather than work out.

Matthew Truscott, born and raised in northern California, achieved Varsity status all four years of high school participating in football, basketball and track. Through college, he continued to play football and, despite multiple injuries, played at a level high enough for NFL consideration.

Relatively young in this industry, Matthew's growth has been extensive. As a personal trainer (specializing in athletic performance, rehabilitation and weight management), group X instructor, ViPR master trainer and most recently becoming an educator/founder of 180 Training, Matthew has taken on many roles to help put enthusiasm and energy towards creating healthier and happier bodies.